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Our Story

NW Solutions was founded in 2001 by an experienced team of entrepreneurs who wanted Malaysian manufacturing firms to leverage world-class enterprise resource planning solutions.

NW Solutions improves our customers' business competitive edge by providing business visibility into every key aspect of business. We are committed to “MOVE our customers AHEAD” from their present positions.


Our customers have enjoyed the following benefits - Improved delivery performance,  faster response to the marketplace,  better turnover of inventories, reduced obsolete stocks, customer satisfaction improvements,  production traceability and tracking work in progress,  productivity and efficiency improvements,  cash flow improvements, overall cost reduction, and  Quality improvements.  


We achieved this by collaborating with IINFOR and bringing proven industry solutions to our customers. These solutions include enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise asset management (EAM), corporate performance management (CPM), customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence (BI), data analytics,  and IT infrastructure amongst others.


Our key success factor is a flexible approach, which allows our customers to focus on their business, whilst its processes are being improved.   A culture of excellence approach ensures that positive outcomes are delivered to customers. -


We are committed to building a long-lasting business relationship with our customers and partners that allows all parties to achieve greater business heights and positive business outcomes.   We know the "industry pains" and have a proven track record.  We make our customers more competitive. We deliver results!

Meet the Team

Our strength lies in our resources, which have accumulated over 100 years of track record in the distribution, logistics, manufacturing, project and service industries

Rick Loh, CEO
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Denise Yiu, COO
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