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Warehousing is the process of using and optimizing an inventory warehouse, which includes product maintenance, handling, and other warehouse services. The warehousing industry is undergoing a period of rapid change, driven by advances in technology and changes in consumer behavior.

Warehouse management is the process of managing inventory in a warehouse, including tracking quantities, monitoring expiration dates, and organizing products based on customer demand. It also includes managing the process of receiving and storing inventory and finalizing orders for shipments.

Many retailers and eCommerce businesses choose to outsource their warehouse logistics, which is a smart choice since warehousing is less about transportation and distribution and more about inventory storage. Warehouse management software is an essential component of warehouse operations and warehouse services. It allows you to track stock and create alerts for low inventory levels.

Inventory management can also be done using radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and scanners, which let you track items in real time and quickly scan items once they get to the warehouse space.

Warehouse operations are the daily activities that prepare inventory for shipping, inventory tracking, and order fulfillment. Here are four crucial operational components of warehousing:

  • Pick and Pack: A process of selecting one or more products that were ordered by a customer, checking it, and packaging it for shipping.

  • Inventory Management: The inventory definition is tracking, measuring, updating, and retrieving products in a storage facility, including minimum and maximum quantities, stock-outs, and service level agreements.

  • Order Fulfillment: The process of getting an order ready for shipment to a customer, and making sure it is shipped out as soon as possible.

  • Warehouse Management System (WMS): A software program designed to oversee warehouse operations, inventory storage, demand forecasting, and daily efficiency.

Case Study

The Problem

  • Inaccurate inventory information

  • Inefficient space utilization

  • Improper labor management

  • Following rudimentary process

  • Adjusting to seasonal demand

  • Substandard picking process

  • Flawed order management

  • Managing heaps of data

  • Variety in products stored

  • Poor quality control

Our Solutions

Infor Warehouse management together with support for barcodes and expert advice allows our customers to improve their inventory accuracies, turnaround time, and order management. We streamline warehouse operations allowing deliveries to be met on a timely basis.

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